Monday, September 13, 2010

What I Miss about Juice Feasting & a New Blog

It's been over a month since I ended my 65-day juice feast. In hindsight, I wish I'd done a full 90+ days. Still, I'm glad I was able to pull off what I did.

What I miss most about juice feasting was the incredible lightness I felt. (There were also these moments of crazy peacefulness that are hard to describe.) I can somewhat recapture that lighness by eating high raw-vegan, and many days I go 100% raw. I've definitely kept a significant amount of juice in my daily diet, and I've turned a lot of friends on to juicing--especially green juice. Nothing makes me happier than my kids requesting kale/pineapple juice. It's such a fan favorite I try to prep some whenever we're having guests.

I'll incorporate some all-juice days and some mini-feasts, and at some point I'd like to do another long juice feast.

If you're interested in a raw food lifestyle for health, weight loss, increased energy, or just to be a little kinder to the planet, check out my new blog, The Raw Difference. And no, you don't have to be 100% raw or give up any particular food forever in order to benefit from raw foods.

See you on the new blog! (Check out my new running shoes!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 66 - Breaking the Feast!

Independence Day was the 65th and final day of my juice feast. Yesterday I enjoyed a sweet and rich pineapple/kale/ginger juice. A few hours later, I indulged in half a bowl of dried plums (organic and unsulphured, which had pleasantly plumped after an overnight soak. It was a bit strange to be chewing food, soft though it was, after more than 2 months of drinking everything. Other than a moment of slight nauseousness, I felt fine. Later, I had another small juice and then finished the plums.

It surprised me to find that I wasn't ready to end the feast. Before I started, I would've imagined I'd be glad to bring it to an end and enjoy solid food again. Instead, I'm grateful for what I've gotten from the feast, and I'm a little sad to bring it to completion just now.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 64

My plan was to post about how this was the final day of my feast. Logically I know I have to wind it up very soon, because of our travel plans, but my spirit longs to stay juicy for a bit longer. Continuing to feast would be very easy right now. I have no desire to move to solid food just yet, but I'll have to bow to practicality.

I went for a 2 hour walk today, and jogged about 3 miles of it. That's become my weekend routine over the last several weeks.

Today's juice:
watermelon (It's at its juicy best when you squeeze it by hand rather than use the blender. Go make some!!!)
1 more TBD

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 60!

My original juice feast goal was 30 days, and here I am! I'm not doing 92 days, because of upcoming travel plans, so the current debate in my house is when I should end the feast. Avery, the amazing boyfriend who's been on juice with me whenever he's home, suggested I finish with the last day of the month. But that would be day 61, an unattractive prime number! I can't finish on that day. 62 isn't bad, but honestly I'm trying to push it as close to my travel time as possible, while still giving myself at least a week of transition.

I made a strong green juice this morning--apple/kale/spinach/ginger--and right now I'm sipping an ice cold cantaloupe juice. Life on juice is good!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 56 - You Have to Actually DRINK the Juice!

While my cousin was on her 15-day juice feast, she ran into a few days when she couldn't get the number on the scale to go down. Weight loss was her primary reason for doing the feast, so she was pretty frustrated.

That's pretty unusual on a such a short feast. During the early days, the pounds tend to fall away pretty fast. She didn't have a huge amount to lose, but she'd made a radical change in her diet and she'd started exercising. She should've been losing the weight.

After probing a bit, I found out the lazy bum hadn't been drinking enough juice! I made the first and last juice of the day--always green juices. She'd drink those, but then she'd maybe make one in the middle of the day, and sometimes not even that. She wasn't fueling her body with enough calories or nutrients. Once she picked up the quantity of juice, the number on the scale returned to its downward path.

Here's a juice feast tip: You have to actually DRINK the juice!

Today's juice:
(1 more TBD)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 54 - Missing the Kitchen

As the end of my feast draws near--just 8 days to go--I realize it's been easier than most people think it could be, I'm not really ready for it to end yet, and I miss the creativity, textures, and tastes of whole foods. I still prepare many of my family's meals, but my inability to sample as I go greatly inhibits my ability to be spontaneous. That's just the way I've learned to cook/prepare food over the last many years.

What I really miss are the times when food prep becomes a loving mediation--Heifetz flowing from the ipod player; a countertop covered in red, green, yellow, purple, and orange fruits of nature, and an end result that pleases my family (most of the time), and makes me feel good about serving them fresh, delicious meals created from the best foods on earth.

Okay, so those meditative food prep days are the exception, rather than the rule. Perhaps a lesson I can take from this juice feast is to make sure those days come more frequently.

Today's Juice:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 52 - Supplements

Over the last few weeks, I've added some supplements to my juice routine. My spirulina arrived in the mail, so I take a tablespoon of that when I'm having a straight fruit juice.

Bee pollen is specifically recommended for protein. I've added it back in, especially since I've been working out a lot, but I don't really like it, so it's tough to get down. I have a basic rule about not consuming foods Idon't enjoy, so rather than push myself so hard to get the pollen down, I try to up my greens and get more protein that way. Pollen has lots of other great benefits, but it's not working for me.

Hemp seed oil has a perfect balances of omega-3 and omega-6. Under normal circumstances, I'd much prefer the nutrition of the whole seed, but on a juice feast, this supplement helps prevent my fat consumption from going too low. 1 tablespoon each day.

Kelp granules are pleasant tasting, and provide iodine and other nutrients. MSM is a sulphur compound, which supports healthy skin, hair, and nails.

I still take my daily supplements of probiotics, DHA, and Vitamin D3. I normally take a multi with B-12, but I need to restock on that.

It seems like a long list of supplements, but they're all fairly unobtrusive. Pop a tiny pill or take a teaspoon, and I'm done. I'm not a huge fan of pills and potions, but I accept that my diet is always imperfect, and select supplements can shore up any weaknesses

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 50!

It's day 50 of my juice feast, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it's been. After my weekend long walk/jog (about 2 hours), I volunteered this morning at a fundraiser for my daughter's theater school. We threw a fish fry, and the baked beans looked and smelled delicious. After that, I headed over to Whole Foods to use their free wi-fi and get in a couple of hours of work on my novel. All around me people were eating foods I know are delicious, including raw cinnamon rolls and fresh salads. There's was no sense of temptation, especially since I bought 2 juices for myself. Since I started the feast, my biggest treat has been having someone else make my juices for me.

I feel like I should do something to mark the day, but this post is as close as I'll come to celebrating. I can't believe I have only 10 days left in my feast. I'm looking at the calendar to see if there's a chance I can extend it. It's not likely, since I have so much travel coming up, including 4 days in a cabin with a mini-fridge and no access to a grocery store. Hmmm . . . I'll have to think about it.

Today's juice:
(Melon is best consumed alone, but today I walked on the wild side.)
One more TBD

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 49 - A Juicy Buzz

Not too long ago, a SAD-eating friend came over and we discussed my juice feast. After a round of questions and good natured objections to the whole idea, he jokingly asked, "Can it get you drunk?"

Well, no, but it can get you buzzed. Seriously! I don't know anyone whose intention is to juice feast so they can "get high," --that would be sad--but I've occasionally found I do get a slightly-out-of-myself feeling when I drink certain juices. A few days ago, I made an apple/beet/beet green/ginger/lemon combination for my cousin, and she asked me what I put in it. She was having a similar buzzy feeling.

The beautiful thing about the juice feasting buzz is that there's no sense of being out of control, sick, or destructive. It's more of an appealing lightness.

All buzzes aside, I'm blissed out with my current juicy state. I prefer not to contemplate the end, which is only 11 days away.

Today's juice:
Final juice of the day TBD

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 46 - Oopsie!

Another juice mishap today: I was running my mouth and sitting down to a beautiful cantaloupe juice when the jar slipped from my hand and spilled all over the coffee table. The girls sprang into action with towels. Even though I splashed a few files and papers, my laptop escaped unscathed. Thank goodness!

My energy is excellent these days. When I don't get enough sleep at night, I take a late afternoon nap, but I'm able to workout for 2 hours at a time and my work hours are consistently productive. I can honestly see why some people are reluctant to complete their feast at the 92 day mark. Even though I'm committed to 60+ days, I find the idea of extending often surfaces for me. Ah well, the timing's probably not right for that.

Today's juice:
Vitamineral Green

I know. I know. I missed my green juices today. It's rare that I do that, but sometimes I have to be not so rigid with myself. I made sure to have a heaping spoonful of the Vitamineral Green, so I didn't have a mineral-free day. Tommorow I'm back to my pineapple green juice!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 45 - It's Contagious

Check out that green juice mustache!

There's not a lot to report on my juicing experience at the moment. It's become a pleasant routine over the last several weeks. While I'll certainly enjoy eating all the fruits of summer when I can, I can't say I miss foods or have any cravings these days. My current intention is to complete the feast at 60 days. I'd love to do the full 92-day protocol, but I'll be spending some of that time in a cabin with no access to a grocery store or farmer's market. We'll have just a mini-fridge and whatever foods I can bring along. I don't want to take what's been a very pleasant experience and make it stressful. I'll see how I feel at the end of June, but for now it looks like 60 days will do it.

I'm pleased to say that my super supportive boyfriend continues to have a juice for one of his meals each day. The rest of his day is high raw and high vegan. He's loving the results he's gotten from juicing, including a more balanced attitude about food.

My cousin came to stay with us for a while as she relocates to Atlanta. After a few days spent settling in, she surprised me by declaring she wanted to do a 15-day mini juice feast! I was happy to have her along for the journey. She insists that after just 7 days on the juice feast, she can see a significant difference. Her skin is clearer and she's down 5 pounds. It makes sense that she'd see remarkable changes given that she's coming off of a diet that included burgers, Chinese takeout, and fried foods on a semi-regular basis. She's a fruit and vegetable lover (thank goodness), but she's just starting to lean away from those health-harming foods.

Most wonderful of all, my 11 year old has started making her own juices. She's done smoothies for a long time now, and she still loves them, but every other day or so, she makes herself a green juice. How kick-butt awesome is that? Pineapple with ginger, greens, and lemon is her current fave. I'm one proud mama--just wish my older daughter were here to dive into all this yummy juiciness with us.

If you haven't started juicing yet, don't wait any longer. You don't need an expensive juicer, just your blender and a nutmilk bag. Go for it!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Morning Day 40! and My Chlorella Reaction

I'm excited to wake up and greet my 40th day on my juice feast! I opened my eyes around 5:30, puttered and performed my ablutions, and then went off on a 3 mile jog. The house was quiet when I returned, so I got in an hour of writing before my little one (whose almost as tall as I am) arose.

This morning, I'll start with a pineapple/kale/mixed greens juice. I also have some watermelon waiting for the afternoon.

Since I've been exercising a lot, I've been indulging in a couple of sweet fruit juices in the middle of the day. I like to balance that with something green, but I don't always want the green taste to interfere with my enjoyment of the fruit juice. I've ordered some spirulina crunchies, but while I wait on those, I've been having chlorella tablets as my side dish.

I like the taste of the chlorella, and even though it sticks in my teeth like mad, I could munch down 10 or 20 without a thought. For the first couple of days this seemed to be fine. Then the ear itching started. This is a yucky symptom I usually suffer if wheat somehow finds its way into my diet. I haven't had a problem with this in almost a year. Since I haven't juiced a piece of toast, I don't think wheat is the issue this time.

I took a break from the chlorella for a couple of days and then tried again. Back to the same old ear-itching! I believe I purchased a reputable brand with no fillers, but obviously there's no way to know for sure.

For now, I'll wait on my spirulina crunchies and leave the chlorella for other folks to enjoy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 32!

Just a quick note to say I'm still juicing! My original goal was 31 days. Going forward, I'll assess on a weekly basis. For now, I'm committed to finishing out this week, but I'll admit there's a voice in the back of my head whispering, "Just make it the full month." Obviously, I'm enjoying the feast. My energy and productivity have been great for the last several days!

Today's juice:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 29 - Sharing the Juice Love

Our landlord and lady dropped by to fix some things today. We're lucky enough to have a friendly relationship with them, so they hung out to chat for a while. It was approaching noon, and because of my morning schedule, I hadn't made my first juice of the day. While we talked I blended apple, parsley, spinach, lemon, and ginger. Of course, I shared a sample with everyone.

Rarely do we have a house guest without one or both of us going off on a healthy eating tangent. There's nothing like a captive audience, especially when we can serve them some yummy-deliciousness as a means of swaying them to our way of thinking. This time we tag-teamed. I did my best to articulate some of the benefits I've experienced since going high raw/very high vegan and since starting my juice feast. I'm hoping we convinced them to replace one meal a day with a green smoothie as they transition to some healthier choices. Heck, I'd love to see just about everyone I know add a daily green smoothie to his or her diet!

Today's juice:

Since I missed what would've been my 2nd green juice for the day, I supplemented with lots of chlorella. I should've had a green powder, but lately Vitamineral Green just tastes too strong to me, and that's the only one I have. I have a strict policy of not eating or drinking things I don't enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 28 - My Emergency Stash

I work from home, so I've never gotten into the habit of making my juices in advance. Lots of juice feasters make 4 jars of juice when they start their day, but I'm a one-juice-at-a-time girl. I keep chlorella, kelp granules, or green powder in my purse. If I'm away from home longer than expected, any of those will get me through.

Great energy today, though I only slept about 5 and 1/2 hours last night. I got in two workouts and spent most of the day shopping with my girls. Shopping isn't my favorite activity. It usually leaves me feeling depleted. I did take a half hour afternoon nap, but the running from store to store didn't wear me out.

Today's juice:
cantaloupe strawberry
spinach/apple/ginger lemon

I don't keep track of the amount of greens I juice. I'd like to have about a pound and half each day, but I usually just keep blending them in until I have enough juice. I'd guess that I'm closer to a pound lately, so I'll try to be more aware in the coming days. Looking forward to a great weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 27 - My First Casualty

Wrapping up my 27th day, my first mason jar bit the dust. I made a beautiful cantaloupe juice, but I was rushing to get my daughter to karate, and the jar was wet, and a quart of juice isn't super easy to clean up. Getting up the shards of glass is the real challenge!

Anyhoo, after that I decided to cheat and have fruit juice for my final juice of the day, rather than green juice. I did take lots of blue/green algae to assuage my guilt.

As for the benefits of juice feasting, my energy and concentration seem to be growing by the day. I sleep deeply and without much interruption. Even when I don't get enough sleep (Hey, it happens) I can power through my work. I'm really enjoying checking things off my to do list! Workouts are easier both mentally and physically.

Today's juice:
orange /grapefruit

Turning in soon!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 26 - Exercise is Key

On the days when I get enough exercise, I manage stress and any negative emotions much more easily. Whether it's a powerwalk, a jog, a dvd, or some time on the bike, anger and sadness may roll in, but I can remind myself to give them over to God, or simply change my focus. Makes sense. After all, the human body was designed to be in motion for most of the day. A nice endorphin release never hurts, and feeling strong and physically confident can elevate my mood for the whole day.

Today's juice:

I'm 5 days away from my baby step goal of 31 days. I know I haven't done all the mental, emotional, or physical cleansing I'd like to do on this feast. Seriously considering going longer. If I do, I'll continue to set baby step goals and re-evaluate at each one.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 25 - Food & Managing Emotions

Anger seems to be a common theme amongst juice feasters. Looking at various blogs and forums, I find that many people have a fairly peaceful feast, and many others experience surges of anger that seem out of character. Today, I experienced just such a surge.

At one point in my life, it wouldn't have seemed so out of place, but over the years I pretty much dealt with my anger. I learned to use faith and compassion to diffuse anger at people around me, anger at life, and anger at my self. The journey wasn't always forward-moving, but I progressed just the same. I still get angry, but usually it's for real reasons and I handle it fairly well.

Though I've been eating high raw for some time, I now have to wonder how much the foods I consumed masked or quieted negative emotions. Raw desserts and other foods in my diet could've had just such an effect. It's foolhardy to assume a high raw eating-style couldn't include crutches for coping.

I've felt the anger building over the last few days (at various times of day) and it seemed to peak this afternoon while I dealt with issues big and small. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices don't provide the masking effect. This, for me, is where the rubber hits the road. Without the calming effects of certain foods, I need to find and use internal resources to manage negative emotions.
If I'd attempted this juice feast years ago, before I learned those tools, I could've encountered real problems. It's something anyone planning a juice feast should consider.

Today's juice:
Avery thought that savory juice was quite strong. I found it mild and delicious. Go figure.
Haven't decided on my dinner juice yet.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 24 - Sidetracked a Bit

My exercise was sidetracked by some back pain. My hope is that it was just incidental, and not related to the recent car accident my youngest and I were in. I did train arms and abs, but only did light cardio on my stationary bike.

It was a good juice day. I convinced my oldest daughter to prepare my mid-day juice for me. It's always a treat to enjoy a jar of juice prepared by someone else's hands. As I get closer and closer to the end of the month, I'm torn as to whether or not to continue the juice feast. My heart says go for it, but I don't want to have a negative impact on the family budget. I also don't want to mislead anyone. With good planning, the feast doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Planning and smart shopping are key.

This afternoon my Lovely Boyfriend, Avery, threatened to join me for the next week of juicing! That would be really awesome! I'd love for him to experience even a fraction of the benefits I'm experiencing. Though I'd have to double my juice making, he's always good for helping out in the kitchen. I may have to figure out a way to make this work.

Today's juice:
tomato/basil/bok choy/oregano/onion/garlic/kelp granules

I'm rather bored of the apples in my green juices, but I'm really enjoying the tomato based combinations. Pizza in a glass!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tools for Juicing

In this video I talk about two of my favorite juicing resources:

The daily checklist from

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 20 - Easy Does It

Today was super easy, perhaps because I only used the Vitamix and nutmilk bag for two of my four juices. Although I've gotten that down to a neat little system, I sometimes don't have enough interest to go through it. I used my citrus juicer to make a nice orange/grapefruit, and also threw chunks of watermelon into a nutmilk bag to squeeze out that pretty red juice.

I ate my bee pollen first thing this morning, though from what I understand it's not really necessary until some time after the 30 day mark. I've been working out a lot, so I figure I may need that little extra protein. The experts at Juice Feasting say it can slow down the cleansing, so I'll probably take small amounts as an ocassional supplement until I pass 30 days.

Speaking of time-frames, I'm still not sure how long I'll continue on my juice feast. I set a minimum intention of 31 days, but I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to deciding whether or not I'll continue after that.

Today's Juice:
apple/kale/ginger lemon (Made this one waaaaay too strong. Easy does it on the kale next time.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Keys to Juice Feasting

I'm only 19 days in, but these are some of the things that have really helped make those 19 days easy:
  • Share with my support system exactly what I'm trying to accomplish
  • Plan shopping, and be open to change my list based on a bargain
  • Have stress-management strategies in place
  • Prepare juice before I'm hungry
  • Get in lots of greens
  • Keep green powder blends handy
  • Ask for help when I need it
  • Rotate fruits and vegetables to keep it interesting
  • Workout daily
  • Review goals daily
  • Record my juices, supplements, and detox strategies to make sure I'm on track
  • Make delicious juices I enjoy
  • Give myself permission to dump a juice that's not up to standard
This list also works for maintaining a healthy eating-style.

I couldn't have made it this far without Avery, Melina, and Ray, all of whom have helped me shop, wash produce, and prepare juices. Mad props to Avery who took over my juicing for an entire day. I doubt he'll ever know how loved I felt. Thanks, fam!

Day 19 - Where Have I Been?

Still juicing! I was caught up in all the red tape from the car accident, and so I missed blogging for a couple of days. After that, I started to feel a definite aversion to my computer. Normally, I spend eight hours a day at my laptop. When I'm deep into a writing project, it can be even more than that. But for the last several days, I've been down to around an hour a day. Even my writing has been done primarily with pad and pen.

I'm having one significant struggle with the juice feast: choking down the recommended supplements. I have great difficulty taking the coconut oil, hempseed oil, and especially the bee pollen. Some days I've missed one or more of them entirely. I can't continue down that path, so I'll have to either suck it up, or seek some alternatives. Must get those healthy fats in for good mental and physical health.

Emotionally, I have found the lack of patience continues. I'm working very hard to spend some solitary time, as this seems to be the most effect way to center myself. Still, I can almost imagine a week in a lovely cabin. I'd miss my family, of course, but I do think the alone time would be beneficial for me in many ways. I have to be diligent to insure lack of patience and irritability don't grow into meanness or rudeness. Check yourself, Candice.

Today's juice:
1 cantaloupe w/seeds
1 large bunch red chard/3 small apples/ginger/lemon

I promise (myself) to get in more pics and video. My camera has been kind of a hassle, but that's no excuse.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7 - Ups and Downs

Because of all the red tape with the accident, the day was really busy. I didn't get to start my juice until some time after ten, and even then it was difficult to get it all in. The blessing of such a nutrient-rich diet is that I don't have all the "normal" crankiness, blood sugar drops, and weakness typically associated with skipping or delaying meals.

My head and nose still hurt from the accident, and this afternoon I noticed seatbelt abrasions on my shoulder and chest. I'm so grateful that there weren't more serious physical injuries, but today I had some ups and downs in thinking about the whole thing. I avoided the freeway a couple of times, and I had to go deeply into prayer to move past some anger that welled up against the man who caused the collision. The truth is that it could happen to any of us on any given day. It only takes a moment's distraction.

Today's juice:
cucumber/celery/parsley/spinach/Thai chili
coconut water/Vitamineral Green
beet/beet greens/apple/spinach/ginger/lemon

I bought a watermelon, and I'm looking forward to that juice on tomorrow's menu.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 6 - And a Real Bump in the Road

Today I found out what a real bump in the road looks like. Ray and I were driving up to hit Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, tooling along on the freeway. The car in front of us slowed to a stop. We slowed to a stop. The car behind us didn't. He slammed into us, pushing us into the vehicle we followed. The airbag deployed and drama ensued. Four vehicles were involved, but everyone was able to walk away, thanks be to God. Whether or not our car will be totaled remains to be seen.

Happy to be off the freeway, we walked up to Whole Foods and ordered a juice and a smoothie, and waited for a friend to come and get us. (Thanks, friend Fern!) While we waited for our order, I chatted with a truck driver. This sunny gentleman has been exposed to a toxin from a previous job. The result is that he gets headaches if he uses a cell phone or spends too much time around wireless internet. Yikes! Wireless internet is pervasive in many cities. The cool thing: in spite of his burden, he radiated positivity and gratitude. Loving it.

This is the 1st day of the feast that I didn't use my Vita-mix.

Today's juice:
cucumber/celery/spinach/parsley/lemon (from Whole Foods)
apple/beet/ginger/wheatgrass (from Whole Foods)
coconut water with Vitamineral Green

So grateful for the health and safety of my daughters and the privilege of being here to guide them through life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 5 on Juice!

I hit some personal bumps in the road today, the kind that can knock your whole day off course if you let them. Luckily, I had love and light pouring in from the fam. I had so much energy. I ran my errands, hit much of my to do list, and did 34 miles on the stationary bike. Not bad.

Today's juice:
celery/apple/watercress/ginger/lemon (Didn't need the ginger.)
coconut water/Vitamineral Green
collard greens/apple/lemon (A little too sweet.)

I'm still having trouble getting the full 4 quarts down, but I'm forcing myself to do so. I don't want to fall too low in nutrients or calories. Avery's visiting his mother in Chicago, and he took her a nut milk bag and made her a green juice tonight! They called me on speaker phone and we talked about the advantages of disadvantages of green smoothies vs juices. I love that conversation!

Chamomile tea and bed . . .

Quit Your Whining

I used to complain, a lot and often. As I grew a bit older and a tiny bit wiser, I began to see the energy spent in complaining wasn't only wasted, but also acted to tear down some of the things I was trying to build. I made it a point to stop complaining so much. That's not to say I never say a negative word, but I am conscious of my thoughts and words and steer them toward the positive. To maintain this practice, I have to stand guard against the people in my life who think of complaining as the foundation for daily conversation. It's easy to get dragged back into that mode. I have to stay vigilant against my own dark shadows that occasionally try to block out the light, as well.

This is only Day 5 of my juice feast, but I'm finding I have less and less tolerance for people complaining. Sometimes I feel detached from it, and watch it with interest. (Like the man growling about the wait in line at the car registration place. What did he expect?) But when it comes at me in a barrage, I feel like my peace is being attacked. If I can, I try to divert the speaker to something positive, perhaps point out a bit of silver in the cloud, or change the subject, but sometimes the only answer is to flee. My flight can come in the form of silence on my end. I'll smile, maybe nod, or say "Uh-huh" over and over. If it's necessary and appropriate, I'm out.

Hopefully this juice feasting experience will remind me to quit my whining. Like everyone else, I have an infinite number of things about which I can kvetch, but I'm also blessed with a never-ending list of things for which I can express my gratitude and joy. On which side do I want to focus? What kind of world do I want my thinking, speech, and focus to create? Will my impact be positive or negative? Choices.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 4 - Minor Breakouts Continue

A good day, but it's late, and I'm tired, so I'll be brief. Tiny breakouts on my face seem to be the detox symptom of the moment. I'm not too concerned, since these aren't like the big, painful, scarring bumps I'd suffer if I ate a bit of wheat. Of course, I'm great friends with my tongue scraper and toothbrush these days. My energy was great. The morning was very productive, and I got in over an hour of exercise.

I do enjoy my little quarter-teaspoon of kelp granules, but I haven't found any food particularly distracting or enticing. I'm still preparing meals for the family, but for now I'm content in the knowledge that all that yummy goodness will be available when I'm done with the feast. Still craving lots of quiet time though.

Today's juice:
collard/beet with greens/apple/ginger
rainbow chard/celery/apple
water with 2 teaspoons Vitamineral Green

Current supplements to the juice:
kelp granules
hemp oil
coconut oil
bee pollen
green superfood
Vitamin D-3
Cascara Sagrada

(OMG-osh! That seems like a lot of supplements, huh? Some are actually foods, and some I take anyway, so no worries.)

I promise myself to get back to video tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing what these days of juicing bring!

Chamomile tea, and off to bed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 3 On Juice - Still Napping

I had a lot of energy this morning, so I got in a 90 minute workout (stationary bike, and abs), but by late afternoon I needed a n,ap. That's 3 days in a row of sacking out on the couch, but I've either been up late, up early or both, so I can't say that it's definitely the juice feast. I have a few tiny breakouts on my forehead, but otherwise I feel great.

Ray keeps offering me food she's made. Bless her. She keeps forgetting I'm doing juice, but I appreciate her thoughtfulness. I'm hoping the girls will do all my juicing for me on Mother's Day. That would be the best Mother's Day ever!

Today's Juice:
beet with greens/apples/spinach/ginger/lemon
coconut water/Vitamineral Green
celery/tomato/parsley/Thai chili pepper (Loved the spice!)

I'm still having a bit of a hard time consuming the full 4-5 quarts, but I force myself to get in at least 4, so I don't fall too low in calories and nutrients. On with the feast!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2 On Juice - Temptation?

My eleven year old daughter, Ray, and I went to meet her friend at an early Cinco de Mayo celebration. Her friend ran into a problem and couldn't make it, but Ray and I walked around for a while. There were lots of people, lots of corporate sponsors, and a decent band. Fortunately none of the food was anything I'd eat, so I wasn't tempted. I carried a quart of grapefruit juice in my purse, and was satisfied.

Other than feeling a little tired, and taking another nap, I haven't yet had much in the way of detox symptoms.

Today's juice:
yellow beets/spinach/apple/ginger/lemon
red beets/beet greens/apple/ginger/spinach/lemon

Looking forward to an increase in energy!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day One of My First Juice Feast

This is the first day of my juice feast. We went out with a bang last night with an all Raw dinner of red pepper soup, salad with Ranch dressing, lasagna, and strawberry shortcake. We invited a raw-friendly friend, and we all loved the meal.

I'm using most of the supplements and superfoods recommended on the Juice Feasting site. Not in love with the taste of bee pollen yet, but eaten in small amounts it's not bad. Coconut oil is no fun to eat by the tablespoon. All changes take some getting used to, I suppose.

Other than having to swallow a quart of juice, which took me an hour rather than the suggested fifteen minutes, juice for breakfast was easy. It's a bit hard to see all the great leftovers in the fridge, but my rational mind knows that if I choose to, I can have all those things in abundance when the feast is done. I did feel hungry at one point, but some coconut water took care of that. I should've added greens, but didn't.

My Goals:
  • Feast for 40 days or more.
  • Allow for repair of any health issues unknown to me.
  • Find hormonal balance.
  • Release any excess weight and find my naturally healthy weight.
  • Reset my metabolism at a lower rate, so that my body runs efficiently on less food.
  • Clarity of thought and concentrated focus.
  • Freedom from cravings.
  • Temporary freedom from thinking about meals.
Instead of a serious workout, I walked to the park with my daughter. I'll get back to my heavier exercise tomorrow or the next day. We were up til 1 am with our dinner guest, so I was a bit tired today. It's important to me to maintain my muscle mass, so I have to balance that with the suggestion that I hold off on strength training.

Exercise: yep
Skin brushing: nope
Tongue scraping: yep

Tomorrow we hit the farmer's market to make sure I have enough to juice for the week. I'm so looking forward to all the great results other folks have experienced from feasting. We'll see which ones I attract and what challenges I might encounter.