Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 25 - Food & Managing Emotions

Anger seems to be a common theme amongst juice feasters. Looking at various blogs and forums, I find that many people have a fairly peaceful feast, and many others experience surges of anger that seem out of character. Today, I experienced just such a surge.

At one point in my life, it wouldn't have seemed so out of place, but over the years I pretty much dealt with my anger. I learned to use faith and compassion to diffuse anger at people around me, anger at life, and anger at my self. The journey wasn't always forward-moving, but I progressed just the same. I still get angry, but usually it's for real reasons and I handle it fairly well.

Though I've been eating high raw for some time, I now have to wonder how much the foods I consumed masked or quieted negative emotions. Raw desserts and other foods in my diet could've had just such an effect. It's foolhardy to assume a high raw eating-style couldn't include crutches for coping.

I've felt the anger building over the last few days (at various times of day) and it seemed to peak this afternoon while I dealt with issues big and small. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices don't provide the masking effect. This, for me, is where the rubber hits the road. Without the calming effects of certain foods, I need to find and use internal resources to manage negative emotions.
If I'd attempted this juice feast years ago, before I learned those tools, I could've encountered real problems. It's something anyone planning a juice feast should consider.

Today's juice:
Avery thought that savory juice was quite strong. I found it mild and delicious. Go figure.
Haven't decided on my dinner juice yet.

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