Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 56 - You Have to Actually DRINK the Juice!

While my cousin was on her 15-day juice feast, she ran into a few days when she couldn't get the number on the scale to go down. Weight loss was her primary reason for doing the feast, so she was pretty frustrated.

That's pretty unusual on a such a short feast. During the early days, the pounds tend to fall away pretty fast. She didn't have a huge amount to lose, but she'd made a radical change in her diet and she'd started exercising. She should've been losing the weight.

After probing a bit, I found out the lazy bum hadn't been drinking enough juice! I made the first and last juice of the day--always green juices. She'd drink those, but then she'd maybe make one in the middle of the day, and sometimes not even that. She wasn't fueling her body with enough calories or nutrients. Once she picked up the quantity of juice, the number on the scale returned to its downward path.

Here's a juice feast tip: You have to actually DRINK the juice!

Today's juice:
(1 more TBD)


Carissa said...

Every time I see watermelon juice on your posts I want some :)

yarny girl said...

Hello Candice, I love to eat raw foods and i am not 100% raw or even close to that. Sometimes I am 50%,75%, or 89% raw. The thing is i am horrible at going on cleanses. The longest cleanse i have ever done was 4 days ( on the master cleanse) and i want to start up on another one again. Please i would love it if you could help me out. thank you - yarny girl