Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2 On Juice - Temptation?

My eleven year old daughter, Ray, and I went to meet her friend at an early Cinco de Mayo celebration. Her friend ran into a problem and couldn't make it, but Ray and I walked around for a while. There were lots of people, lots of corporate sponsors, and a decent band. Fortunately none of the food was anything I'd eat, so I wasn't tempted. I carried a quart of grapefruit juice in my purse, and was satisfied.

Other than feeling a little tired, and taking another nap, I haven't yet had much in the way of detox symptoms.

Today's juice:
yellow beets/spinach/apple/ginger/lemon
red beets/beet greens/apple/ginger/spinach/lemon

Looking forward to an increase in energy!

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