Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day One of My First Juice Feast

This is the first day of my juice feast. We went out with a bang last night with an all Raw dinner of red pepper soup, salad with Ranch dressing, lasagna, and strawberry shortcake. We invited a raw-friendly friend, and we all loved the meal.

I'm using most of the supplements and superfoods recommended on the Juice Feasting site. Not in love with the taste of bee pollen yet, but eaten in small amounts it's not bad. Coconut oil is no fun to eat by the tablespoon. All changes take some getting used to, I suppose.

Other than having to swallow a quart of juice, which took me an hour rather than the suggested fifteen minutes, juice for breakfast was easy. It's a bit hard to see all the great leftovers in the fridge, but my rational mind knows that if I choose to, I can have all those things in abundance when the feast is done. I did feel hungry at one point, but some coconut water took care of that. I should've added greens, but didn't.

My Goals:
  • Feast for 40 days or more.
  • Allow for repair of any health issues unknown to me.
  • Find hormonal balance.
  • Release any excess weight and find my naturally healthy weight.
  • Reset my metabolism at a lower rate, so that my body runs efficiently on less food.
  • Clarity of thought and concentrated focus.
  • Freedom from cravings.
  • Temporary freedom from thinking about meals.
Instead of a serious workout, I walked to the park with my daughter. I'll get back to my heavier exercise tomorrow or the next day. We were up til 1 am with our dinner guest, so I was a bit tired today. It's important to me to maintain my muscle mass, so I have to balance that with the suggestion that I hold off on strength training.

Exercise: yep
Skin brushing: nope
Tongue scraping: yep

Tomorrow we hit the farmer's market to make sure I have enough to juice for the week. I'm so looking forward to all the great results other folks have experienced from feasting. We'll see which ones I attract and what challenges I might encounter.

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