Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 24 - Sidetracked a Bit

My exercise was sidetracked by some back pain. My hope is that it was just incidental, and not related to the recent car accident my youngest and I were in. I did train arms and abs, but only did light cardio on my stationary bike.

It was a good juice day. I convinced my oldest daughter to prepare my mid-day juice for me. It's always a treat to enjoy a jar of juice prepared by someone else's hands. As I get closer and closer to the end of the month, I'm torn as to whether or not to continue the juice feast. My heart says go for it, but I don't want to have a negative impact on the family budget. I also don't want to mislead anyone. With good planning, the feast doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Planning and smart shopping are key.

This afternoon my Lovely Boyfriend, Avery, threatened to join me for the next week of juicing! That would be really awesome! I'd love for him to experience even a fraction of the benefits I'm experiencing. Though I'd have to double my juice making, he's always good for helping out in the kitchen. I may have to figure out a way to make this work.

Today's juice:
tomato/basil/bok choy/oregano/onion/garlic/kelp granules

I'm rather bored of the apples in my green juices, but I'm really enjoying the tomato based combinations. Pizza in a glass!

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