Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Morning Day 40! and My Chlorella Reaction

I'm excited to wake up and greet my 40th day on my juice feast! I opened my eyes around 5:30, puttered and performed my ablutions, and then went off on a 3 mile jog. The house was quiet when I returned, so I got in an hour of writing before my little one (whose almost as tall as I am) arose.

This morning, I'll start with a pineapple/kale/mixed greens juice. I also have some watermelon waiting for the afternoon.

Since I've been exercising a lot, I've been indulging in a couple of sweet fruit juices in the middle of the day. I like to balance that with something green, but I don't always want the green taste to interfere with my enjoyment of the fruit juice. I've ordered some spirulina crunchies, but while I wait on those, I've been having chlorella tablets as my side dish.

I like the taste of the chlorella, and even though it sticks in my teeth like mad, I could munch down 10 or 20 without a thought. For the first couple of days this seemed to be fine. Then the ear itching started. This is a yucky symptom I usually suffer if wheat somehow finds its way into my diet. I haven't had a problem with this in almost a year. Since I haven't juiced a piece of toast, I don't think wheat is the issue this time.

I took a break from the chlorella for a couple of days and then tried again. Back to the same old ear-itching! I believe I purchased a reputable brand with no fillers, but obviously there's no way to know for sure.

For now, I'll wait on my spirulina crunchies and leave the chlorella for other folks to enjoy.


HiHoRosie said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on day 40! That's so great! I haven't had chlorella tabs but have tried the spirulina crunchies. Pretty good. I like my greenie stuff in things as opposed to by themselves. ;) Hope day 41 on go well for you!

HoneySweetLioness said...

I'm so so impressed and I admire you for even doing these blogs Candice! I've been trying to fast and then only juice and then just do raw foods for the last month. What are your suggestions? I'm also still cooking for my husband and kids, so that's a part of my problem.