Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 19 - Where Have I Been?

Still juicing! I was caught up in all the red tape from the car accident, and so I missed blogging for a couple of days. After that, I started to feel a definite aversion to my computer. Normally, I spend eight hours a day at my laptop. When I'm deep into a writing project, it can be even more than that. But for the last several days, I've been down to around an hour a day. Even my writing has been done primarily with pad and pen.

I'm having one significant struggle with the juice feast: choking down the recommended supplements. I have great difficulty taking the coconut oil, hempseed oil, and especially the bee pollen. Some days I've missed one or more of them entirely. I can't continue down that path, so I'll have to either suck it up, or seek some alternatives. Must get those healthy fats in for good mental and physical health.

Emotionally, I have found the lack of patience continues. I'm working very hard to spend some solitary time, as this seems to be the most effect way to center myself. Still, I can almost imagine a week in a lovely cabin. I'd miss my family, of course, but I do think the alone time would be beneficial for me in many ways. I have to be diligent to insure lack of patience and irritability don't grow into meanness or rudeness. Check yourself, Candice.

Today's juice:
1 cantaloupe w/seeds
1 large bunch red chard/3 small apples/ginger/lemon

I promise (myself) to get in more pics and video. My camera has been kind of a hassle, but that's no excuse.

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