Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 27 - My First Casualty

Wrapping up my 27th day, my first mason jar bit the dust. I made a beautiful cantaloupe juice, but I was rushing to get my daughter to karate, and the jar was wet, and a quart of juice isn't super easy to clean up. Getting up the shards of glass is the real challenge!

Anyhoo, after that I decided to cheat and have fruit juice for my final juice of the day, rather than green juice. I did take lots of blue/green algae to assuage my guilt.

As for the benefits of juice feasting, my energy and concentration seem to be growing by the day. I sleep deeply and without much interruption. Even when I don't get enough sleep (Hey, it happens) I can power through my work. I'm really enjoying checking things off my to do list! Workouts are easier both mentally and physically.

Today's juice:
orange /grapefruit

Turning in soon!

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