Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 45 - It's Contagious

Check out that green juice mustache!

There's not a lot to report on my juicing experience at the moment. It's become a pleasant routine over the last several weeks. While I'll certainly enjoy eating all the fruits of summer when I can, I can't say I miss foods or have any cravings these days. My current intention is to complete the feast at 60 days. I'd love to do the full 92-day protocol, but I'll be spending some of that time in a cabin with no access to a grocery store or farmer's market. We'll have just a mini-fridge and whatever foods I can bring along. I don't want to take what's been a very pleasant experience and make it stressful. I'll see how I feel at the end of June, but for now it looks like 60 days will do it.

I'm pleased to say that my super supportive boyfriend continues to have a juice for one of his meals each day. The rest of his day is high raw and high vegan. He's loving the results he's gotten from juicing, including a more balanced attitude about food.

My cousin came to stay with us for a while as she relocates to Atlanta. After a few days spent settling in, she surprised me by declaring she wanted to do a 15-day mini juice feast! I was happy to have her along for the journey. She insists that after just 7 days on the juice feast, she can see a significant difference. Her skin is clearer and she's down 5 pounds. It makes sense that she'd see remarkable changes given that she's coming off of a diet that included burgers, Chinese takeout, and fried foods on a semi-regular basis. She's a fruit and vegetable lover (thank goodness), but she's just starting to lean away from those health-harming foods.

Most wonderful of all, my 11 year old has started making her own juices. She's done smoothies for a long time now, and she still loves them, but every other day or so, she makes herself a green juice. How kick-butt awesome is that? Pineapple with ginger, greens, and lemon is her current fave. I'm one proud mama--just wish my older daughter were here to dive into all this yummy juiciness with us.

If you haven't started juicing yet, don't wait any longer. You don't need an expensive juicer, just your blender and a nutmilk bag. Go for it!

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HiHoRosie said...

Love the pic! Your daughter is so cute and gorgeous (I believe one can be both at the same time). How awesome that many are supporting you and even having juices with you. That's so great! Keep it up!