Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7 - Ups and Downs

Because of all the red tape with the accident, the day was really busy. I didn't get to start my juice until some time after ten, and even then it was difficult to get it all in. The blessing of such a nutrient-rich diet is that I don't have all the "normal" crankiness, blood sugar drops, and weakness typically associated with skipping or delaying meals.

My head and nose still hurt from the accident, and this afternoon I noticed seatbelt abrasions on my shoulder and chest. I'm so grateful that there weren't more serious physical injuries, but today I had some ups and downs in thinking about the whole thing. I avoided the freeway a couple of times, and I had to go deeply into prayer to move past some anger that welled up against the man who caused the collision. The truth is that it could happen to any of us on any given day. It only takes a moment's distraction.

Today's juice:
cucumber/celery/parsley/spinach/Thai chili
coconut water/Vitamineral Green
beet/beet greens/apple/spinach/ginger/lemon

I bought a watermelon, and I'm looking forward to that juice on tomorrow's menu.

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