Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 66 - Breaking the Feast!

Independence Day was the 65th and final day of my juice feast. Yesterday I enjoyed a sweet and rich pineapple/kale/ginger juice. A few hours later, I indulged in half a bowl of dried plums (organic and unsulphured, which had pleasantly plumped after an overnight soak. It was a bit strange to be chewing food, soft though it was, after more than 2 months of drinking everything. Other than a moment of slight nauseousness, I felt fine. Later, I had another small juice and then finished the plums.

It surprised me to find that I wasn't ready to end the feast. Before I started, I would've imagined I'd be glad to bring it to an end and enjoy solid food again. Instead, I'm grateful for what I've gotten from the feast, and I'm a little sad to bring it to completion just now.

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